Social Media and Blogging

Social media and blog set-up, advice, and management

The prospect of using social media and blogs for marketing, PR or self-promotion sends many into a state of panic. Which platforms are best? How do you use them? Why should you use them? How do you start a blog? And most importantly – what do you write? 

I can take care of all aspects of your online presence – setting up your blog and social media accounts, showing you why and how to use and manage them, and advising what and when to share. Alternatively, you can delegate some or all of your blog and social media management to me; including creating and posting content, and interacting with customers or stakeholders on your behalf.

Why choose Quill Inc?

Since 2013 I have worked with ArtsEkta, managing their social media communication and engagement across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine during the annual Belfast Mela.

I have also been using social media in a professional capacity as a journalist and blogger since 2009, successfully utilising a selection of platforms to grow The Patchwork Quill‘s audience, to find work opportunities and to develop story ideas.

Since establishing The Patchwork Quill in 2011, I have blogged about artists, writers, festivals, creative entrepreneurs and arts organisations; giving their stories a platform in front of a loyal and growing readership.

In 2014, I worked in-house at special needs product manufacturer Firefly, writing articles for their blog and creating content for their social media platforms.

So what now?

Get in touch with me to arrange a free consultation on your social media or blogging needs. We’ll have a chat about all the different platforms and options open to you, and decide which – if any – will work best for you.

As with my copywriting work, if it’s a one-off job (eg. setting up your blogging and social media platforms and getting you started) we’ll agree a flat fee for the project before I start work, and decide whether you’d like me to work remotely or come in to your work space.

If you opt for ongoing support (perhaps you’d like me to be responsible for your blog and social media, be available when you need support, or provide regular blog posts and content updates) then we can agree an hourly fee or monthly retainer. Again, whichever works out as most convenient and affordable for you.